WL5/4 The Wild Lodge 5 Day Expedition Adventure

An introduction to DOE style expeditoning skills with a healthy dose of "Leave no trace"

The Wild Lodge: Khao Yai National Park

location-map-wild-lodgehornbill-lodge_2858296288_oOur purpose built Lodge is a private Eco Resort and Outdoor Centre occupying a pristine natural location on the southern slopes of Khao Yai, with direct access to this world heritage National Park. Located 90 minutes by road from Bangkok International Airport and a world away from the city, the resort is a collection of lodges grouped around a central Sala and pool. The lodges are traditionally constructed using reclaimed hardwoods, sustainable & recycled materials and local skills. We have a aerial challenge course and archery on-site and a large number of activities in the immediate area including mountain biking ( both single track and downhill), kayaking, canoeing, trekking, orienteering and canyoning.

Activities within the program

Photo 11-02-2015, 17 29 03Activities within this program include: Navigation and free camping, Aerial Challenge course,Camp Cookery workshop, "Eco Adventure- reducing our footprint" workshop, CS " Leave no trace" workshop, team games

NOTE: Some activities are  dependant on weather and may require changes on the day according to site conditions & dynamic Risk Assessment

The adventure groups will all be encouraged to develop a group identity and work together as a team during the program. The groups can be chosen at random or follow class or house structure. We will liaise with teaching staff on this.

Our challenge-by-choice approach enables each student to achieve their own successful adventure in the context of their own aspirations free from peer or instructors pressure. We have found during adventure activities, the greatest achievements are never in terms of the distance leapt or the height climbed and that in all our adventure activities everyone has a role to play.

The Program

This itinerary is a flexible outline and can be tailored to fit the needs of the group or program. ( D of E, NYAA, IYA etc)


0900 Depart School – Visit Elephant Rescue Center 1600 Arrive Wild Lodge – Orientation and check into lodges 1800 Dinner 1900 “Environment & Sustainability” Session 2130 Lights out


0700 Wake up & Breakfast 0800 Briefing 0830 Activity session 1 – Aerial Challenge & Camp Cookery 1200 Lunch 1330 Activity Session 2 – Aerial Challenge & Camp Cookery 1630 Free time 1730 Return to lodges/wash up 1800 Dinner 1900 Route Planning for following day 2130 Lights out


0700 Wake up & Breakfast 0800 Briefing 0930 Trek to Khao Ito 1200 Packed Lunch en route prepared by students 1330 Trek continued 1530 Set Tents at Khao Ito Campsite 1730 Students prepare and cook from food boxes 1800 Dinner 1900 Star gazing 2130 Lights out


0700 Wake up & students prepare breakfast from food boxes 0800 Break camp 0930 Trek back to Wild lodge 1200 Packed Lunch en route prepared by students 1330 Trek continued 1530 Return kit / clear away food boxes, tents and stoves etc. 1730 Return to lodges/wash up 1800 Dinner 1900 Campfire 2130 Lights out


0700 Wake up & Breakfast 0800 Briefing 0830 CS Workshop “Leave no trace” 1200 Lunch 1300 Check out and depart for school

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