Our programs are based adjacent to Thailand’s largest single national park which shelters an intense tangle of wilderness that sees relatively few tourists. Two rivers (Mae Nam Phetchaburi and Mae Nam Pranburi), a large lake and abundant rainfall keep the place green year-round. This park also occupies an interesting, overlapping biozone for birds as the southernmost spot for northern species and the northernmost for southern species. There are about 400 species of birds, including hornbills, as well as pheasants and other ground dwellers.

This location offers a number of multi activity options from a residential base. There is also considerable scope for DOE/IYA style expeditons and AJ's within the park itself. The park campground close to our residential base means that we can also introduce camping into the program.


Central Thailand experiences the country’s three seasons in equal measure: hot from February to June, rainy from June to October and cool (relatively speaking) from October to January


Programs all start Ex Keng Krachan Resort ( transport to from Bangkok can be arranged)

Road transport form Bangkok is the recommended mode of transport either via Minibus or coach: travel time 2 1/2 hours.

Program Types

We can offer flexible programs from this base covering Yr 7 upwards from Multi Activity Resort based residential to Silver DOE expedition completely within the park.