The Wild Planet began operating adventures in February 1995 and we have  built a reputation for offering safe, fun and exciting adventure programs and expeditions for Schools, colleges and corporate groups all over Thailand. We work with many of the top international schools throughout South East Asia and are happy to furnish contacts or references.

We have successfully run hundreds of activity-based trips, water based, land based and even in caves. Thousands of students, adventurers and groups have participated in our programs and we like to think we have had a hand in forming the new generation of leaders.

We strive to  to constantly improve our programs... nothing is ever perfect.

We believe that adventure and outdoor learning is highly beneficial to student development, offering opportunities to achieve, develop confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

We see behavioral changes on our programs and improvements in levels of concentration, improved physical confidence and dexterity when acquiring new skills along the way

Our programs are designed to give opportunities for team and group work and to allow students to take on leadership roles.

We also can tailor programs to incorporate curriculum-based learning, taking the classroom to the outdoors