We aim to provide education though adventure in the outdoors, delivering first class programs with first class instruction using first class equipment within safe yet challenging, adventurous and ecologically sustainable environments.


Electricity and cooking gas consumption

Water consumption and associated waste

Discarded packaging and associated waste



Our programs are framed in a way that promotes the active stewardship of our natural resources and surroundings and encouraging current and future generations towards its protection.

We follow the Leave No Trace vision and we incorporate the seven "Leave No Trace" principles within our programs.

We realize that this involves individual commitment and may not be embraced by all, but if we can have the student leave us with a better appreciation of the outdoors then we are some way forwards to making a difference.


Commitment to long term local environmental improvement and pollution prevention via our stated improvement plan

Setting of targets for reduction of electricity and gas consumption

Adoption of alternative fuel sources and energy forms

Develop & sustain environmental awareness in staff members, local community and all Wild Lodge visitors

Glass, paper and plastic to be recycled in collection bins and given to local trash collectors for sale and recycling.

Kitchen waste and leftover food to be composted and used for plant and tree conservation


We want each student to achieve their own successful adventure in the context of their own aspirations free from peer or instructors pressure.

We have found during adventure activities, the greatest achievements are never in terms of the distance leapt or the height climbed and that in all our adventure activities everyone has a role to play.

We believe in offering where possible options to selec the individual level of challenge, rather than simply whether to participate or not.