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SAMET 4/3 Sea Kayak Expedition

A challenging expedition from the mainland to the stunning island of Koh Samet

palmarieWang Thong Resort: Ban Phe


This will be in four share resort rooms. Rooms are all A/C with en-suite bathrooms.

The resort has full facilities including meeting room facilities and restaurant sufficient to seat the entire group.

Camping on Koh Samet

Students will camp for 2 nights as part of the program. The first night will be next to the beach at Khao Laemya National Park. The second night will be at Noi Na on the north of Koh Samet.

Expedition Overview

The trip is led by a BCU (British Canoe Union)  qualified Kayak coach, and includes trip preparation, trip planning, skills training and two days of paddling as a group. Students and staff will paddle sea kayaks with bulkheads with day supplies being stored in the kayaks, and the remainder of the kit being carried on the support boat.

The route offers both coastal ‘hand railing’ and short open water crossings from one point to another.  The group is constantly monitored by the support boat, and the location offers excellent shelter from adverse conditions.


Activities within the program

TobyActivities within this program include: Ocean Kayaking, Camping and Team Building.

NOTE: Some activities are  dependant on weather and may require changes on the day according to site conditions & dynamic Risk Assessment

The adventure groups will all be encouraged to develop a group identity and work together as a team during the program. The groups can be chosen at random or follow class or house structure. We will liaise with teaching staff on this.

Our challenge-by-choice approach enables each student to achieve their own successful adventure in the context of their own aspirations free from peer or instructors pressure. We have found during adventure activities, the greatest achievements are never in terms of the distance leapt or the height climbed and that in all our adventure activities everyone has a role to play.

The Program


This itinerary is a flexible outline and can be tailored to fit the needs of the group or program. Several options are available for the base resort and the program can be run either with a curriculum based field trip or residential focus.


Depart Bangkok for Rayong
Rig kayaks
Equipment preparation and trip planning
Overnight Resort


Prepare and launch kayaks
Paddle route – LaemYa – Koh Samet
Packed lunch on route
Set beach camp Khao Laemya National Park
Evening briefing and planning session
Overnight Camping


Break camp
Prepare and launch kayaks
Paddle route – Khao Laemya - Noi Na
Packed lunch on route
Arrive and Set Camp
De-brief and Evening meal


Break camp
Prepare and launch kayaks
Paddle route – Noi An – LaemYa Mainland
Packed lunch on route
Break down kayaks & stow equipment
Return to Bangkok

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