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    WL2/1 The Wild Lodge 2 Day Mixed Adventure

     Short entry level residential program for years 4/5

2858296288_e5745c03a4_oThe Wild Lodge: Khao Yai

location-map-wild-lodgeOur purpose built Lodge is a private Eco Resort and Outdoor Centre occupying a pristine natural location on the southern slopes of Khao Yai, with direct access to this world heritage National Park. Located 90 minutes by road from Bangkok International Airport and a world away from the city, the resort is a collection of lodges grouped around a central Sala and pool. The lodges are traditionally constructed using reclaimed hardwoods, sustainable & recycled materials and local skills.

We operate the Wild Lodge in a way that promotes the active stewardship of our natural resources and surroundings and encourages current and future generations to protect it, but at the same time get out into nature and enjoy it. We realize that this involves individual commitment and may not be embraced by all, but if we can have all of our guests leave us with a better appreciation of the outdoors then we are some way forwards to making a difference.


We have a number of individual fan cooled lodges, each has a front balcony, main room and rear anti room with an en suite bathroom and shower. The main room is large and can be set up with beds for up to 9 students dormitory style. All of the lodges are screened against insects.

In addition we have a separate lodge and some individual rooms within the main lodge building that can be used for teaching staff.

Students are required to provide a sleeping bag.


Food will be Thai style buffet, with the exception of breakfast, which will include toast and cereal. Specific western food can be arranged if required. Please give prior notice of vegetarian requirements or any specific needs.

Throughout the day, water will be available during all activities; students are also required to carry their own water bottle, which can be refilled on demand. All activity locations will also have a ‘drink station’.

Prior to arrival

The department head and student welfare representative can be taken on a pre visit to the site prior to the finalization of the programs to address any supervisory or safety issues and to discuss program customization and optimization. If a number of teaching staff are involved in developing the curricular content, it is suggested all attend the pre-visit.

As all of our activities are provided in house our program and activities can be customized as to the particular requirements of each student group.

A Wild Planet staff member can also visit the School if required and give a short audio visual presentation to the students regarding what to expect on the residential, this can be fitted into a normal school assembly/lesson. We are also happy, if required, to conduct a presentation/ Q&A session for parents to outline our code of practice and safety procedures.

A full copy of our code of practice along with risk assessments will be provided for the program.

Teaching staff will receive, a packing list for the students and depending on curricular based activities we have, study sheets and general information that can be utilized for preparation of students prior to arrival.

Activities within the program

Activities within this program include: Low Ropes, Climbing/Bouldering & Team Games

NOTE: Some activities are  dependent on weather and may require changes on the day according to site conditions & dynamic Risk Assessment

The adventure groups will all be encouraged to develop a group identity and work together as a team during the program. The groups can be chosen at random or follow class or house structure. We will liaise with teaching staff on this.

Our challenge-by-choice approach enables each student to achieve their own successful adventure in the context of their own aspirations free from peer or instructors pressure. We have found during adventure activities, the greatest achievements are never in terms of the distance leapt or the height climbed and that in all our adventure activities everyone has a role to play.


The Program


Suitable for junior students,this short itinerary is a flexible outline and can be tailored to fit the needs of the group or program. Accommodation can be arranged with teaching staff sleeping in chaperone role within the dormitories or with students in bunk style lodges.


1100 Arrive Wild Lodge - Welcome and introduction - Settle into accommodation 1130 Team games Fun 1200 Lunch 1300 Activity Session: River Scramble Group 1, Climbing Wall Group 2 1430-45 Snack break 1600 Session End 1610 Supervised swimming session + field games. ( snack bar open) 1715 Return to lodges/wash up 1745 Room check and notices 1800 Dinner 1900 Campfire and stargaze + marshmallows and singalong. 2010 Reflection on day 2030 Shower 2115 Lights Out!


07.00 Wake up 07.30 Breakfast 0730 Breakfast 0830 Activity session: River Scramble Group 2, Climbing wall Group 1 0930 Snack break 1130 Tree planting “neutralizing our footprint on Khao Yai” 1200 Packing 1230 Lunch 1330 Depart for School

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